Saying goodbye has never been so sweet!

My life's been better
Since the day I left you boy
I must admit life's been kind to me
I went and did the things I said I would boy
My heart's never been more at ease
And when I think of all the things you put me through
Leaving you has been the best thing for me
I don't believe how wrong I was to think I was safe in your arms
Boy, am I glad I quit! So glad I tell you
It's unfortunate though, you'll never set eyes on what's growing inside me
Of all people in this world
You are the last person I thought would abandon their child
Today I say goodbye
Out of my mind, heart and life
Goodbye boy!

It is never easy to say goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy

I cannot say goodbye to you

I was not prepared to part ways yet

When you left this morning you promised to return home

You were going to take me shopping

Buy me that dinner set I have always wanted

Now you are gone from here

You didn’t even say goodbye

How could you just leave me like that?

Couldn’t you wait a little longer?

We still need you, your sons and daughters miss you

They ask why did Daddy leave too soon

You were snatched from us

We can’t believe what we see happening

Sometimes I want to wake up from this terrible dream

Oh my love, why did you have to die like that?

 Couldn’t you let me know this morning that you wouldn’t return to us?

Why did you make me believe you’d come back for me in a while

I still want to go shopping with you

How can I build our home? We were meant to do it together

Who will help me bring up our children?

To come up with God’s statutes in their hearts

Who will teach our baby boy how to cycle?

How will he learn how to be man…

My forever friend

I reach within my soul And find am not alone
I begin to wonder Where did all my friends go? Then I realise They’ve all grown and moved on
Life is like that Today is never like tomorrow Making the best of our day Is what really counts
Left in this place I know I have afriend The one who never leaves The one who’s always there
My Maker and creator To Thee my all I owe My perfect friend A constant companion

Quit toiling with my emotions

You came into my life with all the promises Oh you made me feel like a queen You gave me hope and reason to live again You made me feel whole and complete With every single word that you said Is should have paid attention to your actions They were all so clear, Oh so clear If I had listened to my inner voice The voice that told me it wasn't real If I listened to my intuition, they one that told me to walk away If I paid attention to the small details, I would not have been crying now With disappointments,  Oh how I was such a fool You took me for granted Toiled with my emotions  Played with my heart Oh how I was such a fool

Let's learn the Alphabet - Kenyan Version

For your beoble: (For your people:) A ~ handelop B ~ patafly C ~ crogotail D ~ tok E ~ helefant F ~ frok   G ~ chiraf H ~ hibobotomus   I ~ insi J ~ chagol K ~ giwi L ~ leopat M ~ Mangi N ~ nyoga O ~ hosdrich P ~ bikok R ~ ret and S ~ scobyon T ~ todois V ~ folcha W ~ watok Y ~?? Z ~ sepra

The meaning of life from a mother’s point of view

Life is full of uncertainties I sit here thinking Scared I must admit With no power or control God is my only guide
What would I do without you Where would I go if I lost you This life will have no meaning                                                                                   That I say while tearing
Knowing it’s beyond me Hoping and praying I ask God to keep you safe All the days of your life
May he grant me today This wish in my heart For me to always be there In each and every step of the way
To see you grow into a man That my grandchildren And your grandchildren We may see

Love or is it?

Thank you for loving me again I was sceptical at first I mean, we've been at it before It didn't work out Why would I think it would this time round?
Then the promises They sound oh so familiar Ah, wait, you made them before But this time you sound more serious And I believe every word you say
Fools rush in I am a fool in love Am in with all I have That does not make me a fool But just in love
Now, words should turn to action Because I can wait for all of it to go down I can’t wait to walk down the isle To be your beloved wedded wife Now and forever
Marriage is for life I am not doing it if it’s not forever For I can’t imagine life without you I don’t even know how I survived without you You make my heart beat, you are my heartbeat
If I knew tomorrow I wouldn't be with you I would die today, For I can’t wait for tomorrow to die without you I would go insane if I lost you Insane